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9659 Harrison Ave
PO Box 678
Harrison, OH 45030


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Dump station :

Clean and flush your holding tanks after every trip.


Fresh water fill:

Easy access to fresh water for your RV holding tank.


Air station for tires:
Check your tires before each trip. We have air available up to 150 lbs.

Clean restrooms:

Whether you are here cleaning your RV or loading for a trip, our restrooms
are always clean and opened 24 hours a day.


Wash area:

Keep your RV like new by washing after each trip.


24 hour access:

Your personal 4 digit code allows you to have access 24 hours a day.


Security cameras:

Our cameras are monitored and your four digit code is recorded every time it is used.




(Included in monthly rental )


Conveniently Located:

1/2 mile from I-74 entrance

1/2 mile from fuel and propane


Division of Cornelius LLC